Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Brilliant ideas for beautiful bookmarks inspired by Roald Dahl

Why not make a bookmark. They are really useful when children start reading chapter books and make a great personalised present too.

The Fairy has loved  listening to some of the easier Roald Dahl stories at bedtime - who wouldn't like hearing about a chocolate factory! We haven't moved onto some of the more challenging stories like Matilda yet but as she grows up I hope to.  

My favorite quote from Matilda is 

'The books transported her to new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives...she traveled all over the world while sitting in her little room'

such a great expression of the enjoyment and knowledge books have to offer. Something I'm keen to share with my children (though thankfully I'm a much nicer parent than Matlida's!!) 

When though about what might look good on a bookmark - the Frog thought shapes so I drew some for the children to colour in. The Fairy has a lovely stamping set and wanted to use that.

We thought abut which books we liked and why. The children drew characters from their favorite books to make 'I like reading' bookmarks- I love the Frog's Gruffallo, especially the prickles.

Afer they had gone to bed I chose two quotes that I liked - the one from Matilda and one from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

As a finishing touch I laminated the bookmarks to make them durable and added some tassels.

Have you made bookmarks with your child? Or how about making a book together?

Friday, 7 August 2015

Why we think sensory play is great

Why we think sensory play is great

It's hands on learning - which is fantastic for learning language. Children are more likely to learn and retain new vocabulary if they experience these words. Talking with a child during sensory play can help new words stick in a child's memory - it makes them meaningful for the child so they are more likely to use those word again. Sensory rich = language rich.

It's great for mixed ages and abilities. This is means it's great for siblings doing an activity together (something which is very useful in the summer holidays!) or for including children who have a range of abilities

It can calm and stimulate. Depending on which activity you choose it can calm the senses or wake your child's brain. Be careful which type of activity you try before bed!

It's fun!

Super Sensory Invitations to Play

We have been lucky enough to have a sneak peak of a great  e-book  published by Cathy James  from Nurture Store which contains 52 invitations for sensory play. 

The book is a fantastic resource which features fun activities for all 5 senses and includes ideas for developing language, literacy, science, art, creativity and maths. The book has detailed instructions on setting up the activities to make preparation easy - great if your a busy Mum or teacher.You can see more by clicking here.

As the summer holidays are in full swing I was excited to try some new ideas from the book. So I sat down with The Fairy and The Frog and we choose and activity to do together. Painting on texture. We found different textures and set up an invitation to play.

'Why paint on texture not just regular paper?' I hear you ask. Well painting on regular paper is good - we do it alot, but mixing it up adds a different sensory dimensions and it gave the kids something else to talk about -  for example they compared textures and sizes. Doing an activity in a slightly different way is great for encouraging creativity and creative thinking as you are seeing the world from a slightly different perspective. And it's fun!

The book doesn't just contain ideas for painting (though I love the idea for bath paint).There are sensory bins ideas, ideas for seasonal celebrations, ideas involving flowers, ice and shaving foam, as well ideas that fizz and ideas that calm. Priced at  $14.99 I think its really good value for money.

Find out what other bloggers thought of the book by following the book tour, don't forget to buy your copy by clicking here

Disclosure: we were sent a copy of Super sensory play to review. All opinions are my own. Links to buy the book are affiliate links - this means that if you buy the book we gain a small amount of money (at no extra cost to you).